Trademark Registration 

Trademark registration refers to the legal fact that the trademark owner submits an application for registration to the Trademark Office in accordance with the registration conditions, principles and procedures stipulated by the State in order to obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark. The trademark office has been approved and approved for registration. A trademark that has been examined and registered by the Trademark Office is a registered trademark and enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark.

If a natural person, legal person or other organization needs to obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark for its goods or services in its production and business activities, it shall apply to the Trademark Office for trademark registration.

  Required Materials

1. Trademark print in jpg format

2. The designated class and products of the mark

3. Application for trademark registration

4. A copy of signed Power of Attorney

5. The name, address, postal code and contact person of the applicant in English and we will translate into Chinese under client’s authorization

6. Meaning of the mark, if any

7. Copy of Business certificate or the identity certificate, with the company seal or the signature

8. A certified copy of the filing document issued by the priority country authority. This certified copy should be in original.(If with priority claim)

  Handling Procedures



① The trademark registration process only requires the payment of the initial application fee. Unless the trademark is rejected or dissent, there is no need to pay the fee within ten years. Do not listen to any calls from the Trademark Office or the agency that require payment.

② In case of trademark rejection or trademark objection, we will take the initiative to contact you, and do not listen to phone calls from strange firms.

③ If the trademark has not been used for 3 consecutive years after registration in China, the trademark may be revoked.