Trademark Transfer, Licensing & Change 

detailsarrow.pngTrademark Transfer

Where a registered trademark is assigned, both the assignor and assignee shall jointly file an application with the Trademark Office. The assignee shall guarantee the quality of the goods in respect of which the registered trademark is used. The assignment of a registered trademark shall be published after it has been approved.

detailsarrow.pngTrademark Licensing

A trademark registrant may license others to use their registered trademark by signing a trademark license contract. The licensor shall supervise the quality of the goods used by the licensee to use its registered trademark. The licensee shall guarantee the quality of the goods using the registered trademark.

If the registered trademark of another person is licensed, the name of the licensee and the place of origin of the product must be indicated on the goods using the registered trademark.

Where the licensee is permitted to use its registered trademark, the licensor shall submit the trademark license to the Trademark Office for the record and be announced by the Trademark Office. Trademark licenses may not be used against third parties in good faith without filing.

detailsarrow.pngTrademark Change

Where, after the registration of a trademark, the name, address or other registered matters concerning the registrant change, an application regarding the change shall be filed.

  Required Materials

① Trademark Transfer

1. Application for Registration of Trademark Assignment;

2. Copies of the company registration certificates of both parties with stamps or signatures of both of parties;

3.Power of attorney for trademarks.

② Trademark Licensing

1. Application for filing of trademark license contract;

2. Subject qualification certificate documents of licensors and licensees;

3. Power of attorney for trademark signed by licensor;

4. The original or notarized copy of the trademark license contract signed by both parties;

5. Copy of trademark registration certificate or trademark file information.

③ Trademark Change

1. Change recorded form, with the company seal or the signature;

2. A copy of signed Power of Attorney;

3. Copy of Business certificate or the identity certificate, with the company seal or the signature;

4. The original change certificate.

  Handling Procedures



① The trademark registration process only requires the payment of the initial application fee. Unless the trademark is rejected or dissent, there is no need to pay the fee within ten years. Do not listen to any calls from the Trademark Office or the agency that require payment.

② In case of trademark rejection or trademark objection, we will take the initiative to contact you, and do not listen to phone calls from strange firms.

③ If the trademark has not been used for 3 consecutive years after registration in China, the trademark may be revoked.