Copyright Registration 

Copright, according to the principle of voluntary, the following works for coptright registration: written works; oral works; musical, dramatic, quyi, choreographic and acrobatic works; works of the art and architecture; photographic works; cinematographic works and works created by virtue of an analogous method of film production; drawings of engineering designs, and product designs; map, sketches and other graphic works and model works; computer software; other works as provided for in laws and administrative regulations. In addition, it also accepts the registration of other matters related to copyright;Registration of authorized items of all kinds of works (except computer software);Registration of audio and video recordings;Other matters related to copyright shall be designated by the National Copyright Administration and registered by the center.


  Required Materials

1. Copyright registration application form;

2. Copy of the applicant's identity document:

3. Certificate of title;

4. Work samples (paper or electronic work samples can be submitted);

5. Description of the work (please write it from the three aspects of creation purpose, creation process and originality of the work, and attach the applicant's signature and seal, indicating the date of signature);

6. Power of attorney.

  Handling Procedures